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Welcome to East Wind Crafts

Thank you for visiting our site! At East Wind Crafts we take pride in providing wholesome peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter and tahini. We also make and sell Utopian Rope Sandals, hammocks, and other handmade crafts. Our product selection includes a wide range of options, so please take a few minutes to browse our online store. Feel free to contact us at (417) 679-4682 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, or by email at eastwindcrafts@gmail.com.

East Wind Crafts is owned and operated by members of East Wind Community, an egalitarian income-sharing community in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. All East Wind businesses are worker-owned, and profits go directly back into our community. The money we earn through our community businesses directly pays for all the needs of over sixty people; including the seeds we plant in our gardens, the food in our kitchens, and medical care for our members. By supporting East Wind businesses, you are supporting a community of people who are striving for a better way of life by living and working together cooperatively. Thank you! You can read more about East Wind Community by visiting our website at eastwind.org.

East Wind Nut Butters

East Wind Crafts sells nut butter to the public on behalf of our wholesale business, East Wind Nut Butters. East Wind Nut Butters sells directly to distributors and manufacturers. Our nut butter business has been an essential part of East Wind Community since 1980. We are proud to offer delicious and nutritious quality products including several varieties of peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, tahini, and roasted peanuts. East Wind Nut Butters offers customers a range of options to suit their personal tastes, including raw or roasted, smooth or crunchy, with or without salt, and natural or certified organic nut butters. You can browse our selection and purchase our nut butters here.

Utopian Rope Sandals

Utopian Rope Sandals are handmade by community members from durable polypropylene rope. The sandals are lightweight (about 8 oz. per pair), and will not rot or mildew. Because they float and get excellent traction on wet surfaces, the sandals have long been popular with boaters and canoers. We offer sandals in a wide range of sizes and colors, and can make custom sandals upon request. You can purchase our sandals here, or give us a call to place a custom order.

Rope Hammocks

Our comfortable and durable rope hammocks are perfect for sunny day lounging by yourself or with a friend or twoŚ or even three. Check out our hammocks here.

Arts & Crafts

East Wind Crafts gives East Winders the opportunity to share their talents, skills, and ideas while creating income for our community. All goods sold through East Wind Crafts are handmade by members of East Wind Community, and all profits go directly back into the community. We currently offer beautiful framed nature photography. You can view East Wind handmade crafts and artwork here.

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